"Sokolniki" park competition We dare to pulish our version. Some say, there were no entries of "strong emotional hit that would have been a "timeless" story". No demand of such kind from society that we see. Only professionals ask for it...
Just to remind you... This is just to remind you of one of our dearest works: syringes packaging design.
We're fine, thank you! Sincere gratitude to everyone, who took care! We're working hard to let the dream come true. Everything's fine!
Nuts bonuses are welcome! Please, welcome new Nuts Bonus promo!
Congratulations, girls! We wish the spring never leaves your hearts!
Nesquik on-board of Planes ID-Partment's input to Nesquik and Planes co-branding project gives a good visual presence for cacao in retail
Kit Kat and Android Adaptations of international marketing initiatives are sometimes fun. Being part of global campaign flatters our self-esteem as well. Take a look at our Kit Kat Android!
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